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IWACU Open Data, initiated and developed by IWACU Press Group, aims to provide open and reusable data about Burundi, and to centralize all valid data about the country. It is a working tool for journalists (fact-checking and datajournalism projects), as well as a tool for citizens, researchers, NGOs or policy makers.

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Children (ages 0-14) newly infected with HIV 55 views

Number of children (ages 0-14) newly infected with HIV.

Tags : 23-08-2017

Mineral rents (% of GDP) 66 views

Mineral rents are the difference between the value of production for a stock of minerals at world prices and their total costs of production. Minerals included in the calculation are tin, gold, lead, zinc, […]

Tags : 21-08-2017

HIV-AIDS : number of people screened (2003-20014) 50 views

This dataset shows the number of people who have screened HIV/AIDS from 2003 to 2014.

Tags : 16-08-2017

ICT goods imports (% total goods imports) 108 views

Information and communication technology goods imports include computers and peripheral equipment, communication equipment, consumer electronic equipment, electronic components, and other information and technology goods (miscellaneous).


Manufactures imports (% of merchandise imports) 104 views

Manufactures comprise the commodities in SITC sections 5 (chemicals), 6 (basic manufactures), 7 (machinery and transport equipment), and 8 (miscellaneous manufactured goods), excluding division 68 (nonferrous metals).

Tags : 14-08-2017

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