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IWACU Open Data, initiated and developed by IWACU Press Group, aims to provide open and reusable data about Burundi, and to centralize all valid data about the country. It is a working tool for journalists (fact-checking and datajournalism projects), as well as a tool for citizens, researchers, NGOs or policy makers.

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Nutrition: Global hunger index (1990-2014) 376 views

This database shows the evolution of the Global Hunger Index in Burundi from 1990 to 2014. GHI measure and track hunger globally, regionally, and by country. It combines the following four indicators into one […]

Tags : 08-03-2018

Traffic evolution at Bujumbura Port 798 views

This dataset presents the evolution of the traffic at the Port of Bujumbura. The quantity of the goods is expressed in tons.

Tags : 11-12-2017

Prevalence of HIV in the general population in Burundi (1990-2015) 1128 views

ONUSIDA, a UN program that coordinates the actions of various UN specialized agencies, has launched AIDSInfo, a tool for consulting and disseminating information about the disease. The goal: to facilitate the exploitation of data […]

Tags : 28-11-2017

Gross value added at factor cost (current US$) 779 views

Gross value added at factor cost (formerly GDP at factor cost) is derived as the sum of the value added in the agriculture, industry and services sectors. If the value added of these sectors […]

Tags : 21-11-2017

Net financial account (BoP, current US$) 623 views

The net financial account shows net acquisition and disposal of financial assets and liabilities. It measures how net lending to or borrowing from nonresidents is financed, and is conceptually equal to the sum of […]

Tags : 07-11-2017

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